UWC Costa Rica

Location: Santa Ana, Costa Rica
Student profile: 200 students aged 16–19
Founded: 2000 (UWC in 2006)
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UWC Costa Rica has defined “Three Pillars” on which to build our school; conflict transformation, diversity and sustainability . Our academic, co-curricular and residential life programs reflect those values.
One particularly important aspect of the UWCCR identity is that we are committed to operating as a bi-lingual school. Virtually all students study both Spanish and English as part of their International Baccalaureate (IB) program.
UWC Costa Rica evolved out of the pre-existing SOS International College Herman Gmeiner Costa Rica,  a development of the SOS Children’s Villages association.
In recognition of our unique SOS heritage there is a significant population of students with SOS backgrounds, and, in celebration of our location approximately 40% of the students come from Latin America.

The campus and facilities

Our campus is located in a 12.35-acre land surrounded by mountains and nature in the valley of Santa Ana.
The residential area has 8 student residences with a total capacity of 192 students, 12 houses designated for the residence coordinators and other staff members, the infirmary, and a gymnasium.
There are 18 classrooms including 3 science labs and 1 computer lab, a library with more than 13,000 books, a sports field, and a cafeteria.

Beyond the classroom

Specific activities vary from term to term and are often student initiated. Many of these activities reflect our bi-lingualism (Spanish/English) and our three “pillars”.
The  programme includes two main components, project week and service projects. Some of the service projects include working with a local children’s shelter, visiting the elderly, re-cycling, Special Olympics, Spanish and English tutoring.
Project week activities have included working in national parks, local communities, and SOS Villages among many others both in Costa Rica and other Central American countries.