About UWC Bahamian National Committee

Raising funds to enable as many Bahamians as possible to study at United World Colleges (UWC).

It is with great enthusiasm that this year the United World Colleges Bahamian National Committee celebrates its 40th Anniversary.  Over the last 40 years, this charity has enabled over 90 Bahamian student Ambassadors to study abroad representing The Bahamas at one of UWC’s 13 international Colleges.


What is UWC?:

UWC is the only 2 year pre-University educational NGO that brings together students from 120 different countries to study at one of 13 campuses around the world.  Students are selected on merit irrespective of race, religion, politics or the ability to pay, with the aim of fostering peace & international understanding.
UWC was founded by Kurt Kahn under the premise that: “Students aged 16 to 18 are grounded in their own cultures, but still impressionable enough to learn from each other.”


History of UWC Bahamas:

The Bahamas sent its first student ambassador to United World Colleges in 1971. Since then, over 90 Bahamian students have graduated from an UWC. His Excellency LB Johnson served as Chairman of the UWC Bahamian National Committee until 2008, when the baton was passed onto Mrs. BJ Clancy-Deveaux. His Excellency Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes is patron.


The Bahamas UWC National Committee:

We consist of UWC Alumni and volunteers dedicated to providing as many Bahamian high-school students as possible with a transformational UWC education.


Student Selection:

UWC students are selected from within their own countries as Ambassadors of their Country. Selection is based on merit and irrespective of their ability to pay; as such, the UWC Bahamian National Committee’s most significant challenge is funding.


Local Impact:

As most UWC graduates seek to apply their commitment to positive social change throughout their lives, we are proud that a UWC education can, and often does, benefit whole communities, not just the individual who received the scholarship.